Join the FUN at OBC!!!

What a blessing to have folks from CT, MI, NY, and several churches from PA with us for our first youth conference. Thankful for tremendous messages from the men God sent our way: Pastor Hal Roscoe, Pastor Greg Pritchard, Mike Hamilton, Jack Patterson, and Caleb Kinney and the great music from The Roses and others. Praying that the Word that went forth would penetrate the hearts and lives of all those who attended. It truly was good to be in the House of the Lord!

The Preaching was great!

The singing was edifying!

The Fun & Fellowship was sweet!

The Teen Ministry is led by Aaron Riddle. Aaron is a young man called to the ministry and is currently taking Correspondence Courses through Frontline Bible Institute out of Landmark Baptist Church in Stamford, CT led by Pastor Vince Massa. He teaches the teen Sunday School class and leads the teen activities on Wednesday & Saturday Nights.  


2nd Annual Teen Lock-In April 15, 2016
What a fantastic group of 24 teens and 14 adults we had this year for our annual teen lock-in. The night was filled with a lot of excitement, preaching, and fun activities. Congratulations to the BLUE team for earning the most points through out the evening and a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who helped throughout the evening, also to our Evangelists Abraham Kline and Greg Pritchard, as well as Greg McFadden & Rob Oswald for coming and being a part of it all!

February 18-20 - Youth Ablaze 
4 teens and 6 adults attending Youth Ablaze in Rochester, NY.  Daniel presented a "Flash Point" where he was given a random item to "spiritualize" for  minute or two.  Aaron sang with the Harvest Bound Trio (and included his evangelist friend Abraham, to make it the Harvest Bound quartet for this particular event). Pastor Duane preached to the crowd on Friday morning. We had great weather and a wonderful, blessed time!


JUNE 12, 2015 - TEEN LOCK IN...... 

17 teens, 7 adults and one hummingbird....
spent 12 hours together for the first lock-in with Aaron as the youth leader.  Bro. Greg McFadden from Prayer Baptist Church in Westland, MI was the special guest as he, Aaron, and Pastor Duane all gave messages during the course of the evening/morning.  Pizza, hot dogs, and smores were part of the menu to keep energy in the teens and a host of activities kept them quite busy! Hockey, soccer, dodge ball, basketball, and "dinger"ball were among the group sports .... The envelopes of doom, minute-to-win-it, Russian egg roulette, What would Smiley say?, and a host of other events kept the teens involved and entertained during the duration of their stay! A great time was had by all!
The group pic:

FUN galore!!!!!!!!!

The teen car wash was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who helped in any way!

June 6th, 2015 - Teen Car Wash at Advanced Auto Parts store in Somerset from 10:00 AM to Noon. All proceeds will go toward teen camp and other teen activities.

The teens played Walleyball

The youth will also be attending Youth Ablaze in Rochester, NY from February 19-21.

Youth Ablaze Trip Update:

   The Youth Ablaze Trip to Rochester, NY was quite a memorable one! 9 of us in a rental van! The preaching was HOT but the temperatures were NOT!!!!!
   Eddie Wyatt, Tony Shirley, Charlie Clark, Samson Ryman, Jesse Kreigel and Burton Gates all delivered powerful messages. Our own Aaron Riddle was given an opportunity to do a pop-up message in which he was given a "prop" and then had to deliver a 2-3 minute message on it. His prop was a clock and he did a fantastic job!
   The temperatures outside were 0 to -10 degrees the whole time we were there. Due to an approaching storm back home, we decided to leave at midnight Friday night to head home and beat the snow storm that would be hitting our home region Saturday morning. Little did we know when we headed out how much of the preaching we heard would be put into practice!!! 
   Long story, but short version is that after our van broke down at 3:00 AM along I80 in -5 degree temperatures, we started out by praising the Lord and asking Him to help us. After several hours of waiting, wondering, and extreme exhaustion, a man and wife offered to drive us home..... On the way home the man prayed to receive Christ as His Savior! It was worth it all to see this man jump out of his vehicle and say to his wife (who was driving the other car) "Honey, I just got saved!!"
   We may not always understand why things happen, but in ALL circumstances, give thanks and praise Him! 
   1 Thessalonians 5:18  "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."