Once again, we were blessed!
Our second missions conference has now come and gone,
but the friendships and prayers for these folks are just beginning.

Sunday, May 29, John Sasser, missionary to the Jews, taught Sunday School and presented his work in the afternoon service. Evangelist Jack Patterson preached a timely message entitled "And He Went Forward a Little".  We had almost 70 attend our Memorial Day picnic. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the fellowship was sweet. The best part of the day was when a young man in his 20s repented of his sin and asked Jesus to be his Savior! (Yes, at the picnic!!!!)
Tuesday evening, Pastor Ben Hays presented his work as a church planter in Maryland and Pastor Mark Mahan preached a great message from Luke 5. Wednesday evening, Bro. Arnie Suan - missionary to the Phillippines presented his work and Bro. Jonathan Allinson - missionary to Mexico preached a message "Living for Things in the Barn" from Luke 12. Bro. Allinson then presented his work on Thursday and Bro. Suan preached a message from Luke 7 entitled "Arise". Bro Allinson's family also sang "Just One More Soul" as a special. Friday night Bro Joe Hicks from Youth and Street Ministries in Detroit presented his remarkable work and Pastor Mark Mahan preached again. Sunday, June 5th, Bother Joe Hicks taught Sunday School, preached the morning worship service and then presented a chalk drawing in the afternoon service. So many great works being done around the world and even right here in America that need our prayers and support! 


We Have Been Blessed!!!
Words cannot even begin to describe the week we had at our first ever Missions Conference. 
Sunday, May 24th, Bro. Johannes Getaneh gave his testimony during the Sunday School hour and presented his work during the morning worship. We got an update from Bro. Dennis Harry in the morning worship and Bro. Larry Clayton preached a wonderful message on God's Treasures. During the evening service, Fred Slagle gave an update on his work, Gomeju Tafesse gave her testimony and Bro. Ryan McBride preached a timely message called "Laying Down My Isaac".  
Monday, May 25th, we enjoyed a beautiful day celebrating Memorial Day with a picnic at the church. Good food and fellowship were enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, May 26th, The missionaries that were here took a trip to Flight 93 Memorial during the day. In the evening service, Bro. Mike Hamilton gave an update on his ministry, Bro. Dennis Harry presented his work, and Bro. Larry Clayton preached a powerful message called "Don't Eat the Seed".  We celebrated the 58th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Clayton following the service and the 3rd Anniversary of Brandon and Jennifer Riddle. 

Wednesday, May 27th, Brother Ryan McBride presented his work in the Philippines. Brother Larry Clayton preached a message from Luke 15.
Thursday, May 28th, Brother Mike Hamilton, Pastor Duane Riddle, and Aaron Riddle took Mastery Prison Ministry into Fayette County Prison and saw 20 men trust Christ as their Savior. The ladies took the children for a day at the playground.  Thursday evening our missionary to Israel presented his work and Pastor Vince Massa preached a message on The Truth about Hell.

Friday, May 29th, Brother Mike Hamilton, Aaron Riddle, Jeremy Sechler, and Brad Pletcher took Mastery Prison Ministry into Greene County Prison and saw 13 men trust Christ as their Savior. The families took the children to Chuck E Cheese to have some fun with them. In the evening service, Mike Hamilton gave an update on Mastery Prison Ministry, Allen Marshall gave an update on the Wildwood Christian Retreat, and Brother Joe Keim presented his work to the Amish.  Pastor Massa preached a timely message about who God blesses. 
Saturday, May 30th, the Missionary Wives were treated to a Spa Day.  Foot Soaks, Massages, and Manicures along with some delicious health foods were given.... A wonderful camp fire was provided in the evening for all at Jeff & Roxann's house.  Some of the missionaries got to experience "Mountain Pies" for the first time!

Sunday, May 30th, Sunday School was taught by Brother Joe Keim, Missionary to the Amish.  He also preached the morning message about where our power comes from. Bryant Frattalone gave an update on his missions work to Sicily during the morning worship. Our missionary to Israel presented his work in the morning service and then preached the evening service. 

Every aspect of this mission's conference was a blessing and it was truly a great experience to see what God is doing in hearts and lives all over this world.

Main Preachers for the week:

Mr. Larry Clayton - Salvation Evangelistic Association Ministries ( www.seaministries.com ) 

Dr. Vince Massa - Pastor at Landmark Baptist Church and Founder of Frontline Bible Institute in Stamford,CT  
( www.landmarkbaptistct.com )

The missionaries for the week included:

Yohannes Getaneh - Missionary to the deaf in Zambia, Africa
His mother, Gomeju Tafesse - Missionary to the deaf in Ethiopia, Africa (VICKtory School for the Deaf)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hamilton - Mastery Prison Ministry

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Harry - Missionaries to the military (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Keim - Missionaries to the Amish (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Marshall - Wildwood Christian Camp (WV)

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McBride - Missionaries to the Philippines 

(name withheld) - Missionaries to Israel 

Mr. & Mrs. Bryant Frattalone - Missionaries to Sicily, Italy

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Slagle - Missionaries to India

Service times are as follows:
Sunday, May 24th - 9:30 AM , 10:30 AM, 6:00 PM
Monday, May 25th - 12:00 PM (PICNIC at the church, no formal service)
Tuesday, May 26th - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, May 27th - 7:00 PM
Thursday, May 28th - 7:00 PM
Friday, May 29th - 7:00 PM
Saturday, May 30th - Missionary Wives Spa Time! 10:00 AM
Sunday, May 31st - 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 6:00 PM