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Pastor Duane Riddle12/9/2018
What Church Are We

Pastor Duane Riddle12/9/2018
It's Time For A Checkup

Aaron Riddle12/2/2018
Our Foundation

Pastor Duane Riddle12/2/2018
It Is Better To Be Weak And Going Somewhere Then Empty And Sitting Around

Pastor Duane Riddle11/18/2018
Arming Ourselves with the Mind of Christ

Pastor Duane Riddle11/11/2018
Being A Good Soldier

Pastor Duane Riddle11/11/2018
The Consequence and Remedy For not Being Thankful

Aaron Riddle11/4/2018
Who or What is God Going To Send Because You Pray

Pastor Duane Riddle11/4/2018
Who Is The Best Candidate For Election

Pastor Duane Riddle10/28/2018
What Are You Afraid Of