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Due to the fact that only the previous 10 sermons will be stored here, be advised that you can download them onto your computer. Storing them on a flash drive works great, also! 
Brother William LeFever6/17/2018
Simple Decision Made By Separated Few

Brother William LeFever6/17/2018

Pastor Duane Riddle6/10/2018
Have Faith

Aaron Riddle6/3/2018
A Famine

Pastor Duane Riddle5/27/2018
Somethings We All Need To Remember

Brother Ryan Mcbride5/20/2018
Pressing Toward

Brother Ryan Mcbride5/20/2018
Things That Are Precious

Pastor Duane Riddle5/13/2018
How To Be A Wise Women

Aaron Riddle5/13/2018

Pastor Duane Riddle5/6/2018
The Fine Line Between Failure and Successe