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Due to the fact that only the previous 10 sermons will be stored here, be advised that you can download them onto your computer. Storing them on a flash drive works great, also! 
Pastor Duane Riddle9/16/2018
Things To Remember if You Want To Be Healthy Part 2

Pastor Duane Riddle9/16/2018
Things to Remember if You Want To Be Healthy

Pastor Duane Riddle9/9/2018
What Does It Take For The Harvest

Aaron Riddle9/2/2018
What Are You Doing

Pastor Duane Riddle8/26/2018
What's Important to God

Caleb Kinney8/19/2018
How To Be A Mighty Man

Caleb Kinney8/19/2018
Where Is Your Heart?

Mike Hamilton8/18/2018
The Owners Manual

Hal Roscoe8/18/2018

Jack Patterson8/17/2018
Is There No King